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How to Use Google Micro Moments

How to Use Google Micro Moments

Google has done research into the billions of keywords that people type into their search bar every year and they have been able to put most of them into one of four buckets:

I want to Know - These are the facts and figures that people search for about your product.  Are there specific sizes, weights, symptoms that are characteristics of your product?

I want to Go - These are people search for "restaurants near me" or "hiking trails in the Adirondacks."  How do people find out where they can buy your product.

I want to Do - This is the DIY crowd.  Think "how to make a table."  Do your customers use your product the way you want them to or do they come up with new ways.

I want to Buy - These are people at the final stages of making a purchase.  They are looking for reviews, generic product or possibly branded products.

These buckets are important because they start the process of understanding the INTENT of your users.  What exactly do they want from you?  Google feels that it is important that a company develop content for ALL four buckets and I would tend to agree but with only so much time and money where should you focus.

If you sell "Cola Soda" (see last post) then you can focus on the I want to Go and I want to Buy moments.  But, if you sell "Highline Upper Right Wing Casings" then you may need to spend A LOT of time on I want to Know and I want to Do moments.  Your customers will need you to explain exactly what your product is and how to use it.

Easy to Understand Product Content Examples - "Cola Soda"

I want to Go

  • Google Map showing your exact location
  • If you are a manufacturer or distributor then a listing (with maps) of where the retailers that carry your product are located.

I want to Buy

  • Reviews of products compared to competitors
  • Good / Better / Best Pricing
  • Coupons for products
  • Include generic names along with branded name

Hard to Understand Product Content Examples - "Highline Upper Right Wing Casings"

I want to Know

  • Specifications (Sizes, weights, dimensions)
  • Remedies
  • Charts & Graphs

I want to Do

  • Who uses your product (ages, gender, sizes)
  • How do they use the product - expected ways?
  • How do they use the product - unexpected ways?

If you would like to explore building content based on Google Moments I could be of some use to you.  I have developed a system to develop content based on Google Search results that teases out the content that your customers want.