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Do you have to Explain your Product?

Do you have to Explain your Product?

I have a new product I am bringing into the market and it is a "COLA SODA."

Quickly, tell me everything you think you know about this product...

What color is it?  Brown

What size does it come in? 12 oz or Liter

Does it have caffeine in it?  Yes

Is it good for you?  No

See how easy that is.  I didn't have to educate you on the basic features of my product.  All I have to do is convince you that my product has a better value proposition than my competition.

Unfortunately, many new products don't have this advantage.  If you have ever told someone what your product does and you get a blank stare... you know what I mean.

This can be very costly.  You will need to spend a lot of money educating your customers on the basics of your product.  You will need instructional videos.  White papers.  Definitions.  Case studies.  All this costs money which you would rather spend on branding efforts.

This is why you hear people describe their new product as "The Chipotle of _________" or "The Uber of ____________."  It grounds the product to something people already know and quickly builds a foundation for them to learn off of.

Follow the next post to learn more about Google Moments and where to spend your time if you need to educate your customers.