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Price Negotiable - Part 2

Price Negotiable - Part 2

author: Lee Buttolph

I've written in the past about companies that offer up discounts before their customers even ask for them.

I have found another example of it:

Price negotiable sign from antique sale.

This sign came from an antique show in Bouckville, NY that my wife and I went to.  This sign came on one of the FIRST days of the show... not one of the last where this type of thing is common to liquidate inventory before it has to be packed up again.

As a consumer this tells me a couple things:

  1. Their normal margins are too high and they may be gouging me,
  2. If they are willing to go 20-50% why not 75-90% and
  3. Their product must not be worth a lot of value if they have to start off the show with discounts.

Be careful with discounts.  They can set a bad tone or feeling with your potential customer.  In some cases, raising prices can be a better idea.