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When was the Last Time you Checked your Sharing Settings?

When was the Last Time you Checked your Sharing Settings?

author: Lee Buttolph

We share a lot.  On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.  But these are mostly personal information, pictures, what we did today.  It is important to remember that we also share a lot in our business relationships too.

How many of you have hired a consultant to look into your Google Analytics account?  You did this by sharing out your Analytics instance to that person.  Or how about an accountant (two accountants ago) that you gave access to your Quickbooks online account.  Or an employee (many, many employees ago) that you linked to your company Facebook page to post content.

It is critical to set up a semi-regular audit of all the areas that now unauthorized personnel could still have access too.  With a simple click, you can remove them from seeing insider information about your company.

I am posting this article because I am doing my own audit, but not of my own share points.  I am looking at all the areas that past clients have provided me access to their data and have not removed me from that privilege (and I no longer have reason to see it).  A good consultant will push back to their clients when they should be removed.