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Boots to Business Training Session

Boots to Business Training Session

author: Lee Buttolph

I just finished up my fifth Boots 2 Business (B2B) training session for the Small Business Administration (SBA)Syracuse University, and the Institute of Veterans and Military Families (IVMF) in Yokosuka, Japan and I wanted to say how great this program is.  

If you are in the military or know someone in the military I highly recommend checking with your base Transition Assistance Program (TAP) office for their B2B training schedule.

The Boots 2 Business program is made up of two parts.  The first is a two day introductory training session at the local base.  If the military member decides they like the idea of owning a business they can sign up for a free eight week, online class where they write a formal business plan using Syracuse University's "The Nuts & Bolts of a Great Business Plan." 

The two day class is a lot of fun.  We have eight modules that we walk the students through:

  1. Introduction to Business Ownership
  2. Basics of Opportunity Recognition
  3. Market Research
  4. Economics of Small Business Startup
  5. Picking the Correct Legal Entity for Your Business
  6. Financing the Venture
  7. Next Steps: Introduction to Business Planning
  8. Moving Forward: Resources to Support You

The most important takeaway I have found from the training is that a lack of resources is not an excuse for not starting a business.  The SBA does everything in their power to break down barriers toward business ownership.

Business ownership is an amazing privilege and experience... just like being in the military.