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A Well Defined Process - Part 2

A Well Defined Process - Part 2

author: Lee Buttolph

I wrote about year ago about a problem I had with a local computer help desk where the process they designed to help their customers (me) was centered around making it easier for them to fix the problem instead of making it easier for me to have my problem solved.

I have run into another example of a well defined process... but this time in reverse.  It was at a local library where I was having problems finding a book that I needed for my class I was taking while getting my PHD.  Here was the sign that I came across:

Picture of signing offering phone or text help at local library.

So, I took the leap, thinking I was going to sit around for an hour waiting for someone to come find me, and texted them.

I had a response in less than a minute and someone had come up to the 5th floor and found the book I needed within five minutes.

This is how it should work.  Make your well defined processes customer centric instead of employee centric and customers will love you for it.

Also, look how simple this process is.  Nine words and a phone number is all that is needed!

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