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Price Negotiable

Price Negotiable

author: Lee Buttolph

I learned a long time ago from a boss of mine at Rhythms NetConnections that a salesperson needs to be confident in the price they present to a customer.

If you aren’t confident you automatically give your customer a reason to negotiate a lower price.

This leads me to a flyer I saw advertising rooms in a new apartment complex.

Can you see the line in yellow (their emphasis not mine)?  “Price Negotiable”


By writing “Price Negotiable” you are guaranteed to NEVER get the advertised price.  What if your customer thought the price you advertised was fair and they would have accepted it?

On the other hand, if you have to write that because you are charging too much for your target audience then your advertised price should be lowered.

Be confident, don’t waiver and let your customers be the ones that broach the subject of a lower price.  And don't be afraid to say; "Sorry, but my price is non-negotiable.  We work hard to provide a great product and we think it is worth every penny."