Content Development Consultation


Google loves content.  

They have built up their algorithms to find those that build comprehensive content to solve their customer's needs.

They have even coined the term Google Micro Moments to describe how people search for content.  The four moments are:

  • I want to Know Moments
  • I want to Go Moments
  • I want to Do Moments
  • I want to Buy Moments

Each one of these moments offers a unique way to connect with your customers.  (Click here to learn more)

Unfortunately, knowing what exactly your customers want to know can be challenging.  Many people can come up with 10-20% of the things their customers want but their ideas die out after that.

I have Designed a system for developing content...

that will make you an expert in knowing what your customer's want. 

After a brief interview about your company, your product, who your competition is, suppliers, customers I will be able to develop a comprehensive list for you of what types of content your customers need.

You will also get:

  • The buyer/consumer journey through a website
  • The brand funnel - how they learn about your company
  • Lists of articles for your blog
  • Lists of content to place on social media
  • List of keywords to purchase on Google Adwords to support your content
  • Understand the words that people to describe pricing of your product (ex. discount, promotion, luxury)
  • SEO strategies that are in accordance with the Google Hummingbird algorithm update

I am easy to work with and my rates are reasonable.  Most of the work I do will help in my research for my PHD at Syracuse University -- Newhouse School.

Contact me for a free consultation.